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El Sobrante Veterinary Hospital - Adoptable Cats

El Sobrante Veterinary Hospital loves cats and loves seeing others enjoy cats.

 CLICK HERE to see some of the kitties available to adopt.   


Please contact
Dr. Franck at esvhadopt@gmail.com or (510) 223-0740 if you are interested in bringing these furry friends home!

Special Posting  - Button and Silver

 Are you an experienced cat owner with some room in your heart and home for two sweet, shy cats named Button and Silver? Button meows and allows some petting from her caregivers.  Silver, a handsome Russian Blue, is gentle and especially shy.  With patience and love, both cats have the potential to become socialized.  I am happy to support you through this process.  Button and Silver are a bonded pair who need to be adopted or fostered together.  They greet you side by side with entwined tails.  Ideally this pair would find a new home in a quiet household without dogs or children; and after an adjustment period, live in your safe backyard.  Please contact me with questions about what this might look like.  These are great cats; and it will be a rewarding experience spending time with them.  Both Button and Silver are fixed and healthy.  A complimentary veterinary visit will be provided when I find the right fit for these lovely kitties.  Button and Silver will thank you forever if you create a safe future for them in your household.  If you are interested in adopting or fostering Button and Silver, or have any questions, please contact me via text or phone at (510) 734-9924, or email at mslack199@gmail.com.  Thank you! Marcia